Aims and scope

The International Journal of Agromatics publishes original research papers and reviews of advances in the development and application of informatics in agriculture.

The topics of International Journal of Agromatics include but are not limited to:

  1. Agricultural ecosystem monitoring, assessment, conservation, and service sustainability
  2. Geospatial information for stratification and sampling
  3. Crop acreage estimation, growth and yield modeling, and progress and condition monitoring
  4. Cropland evapotranspiration, soil moisture, and drought monitoring and assessment
  5. Agro-biomass estimation, energy crop inventory and distribution
  6. Water resource planning and management, irrigation and water usage
  7. Remote-sensing based agricultural disaster monitoring, assessment, and mitigation
  8. Agricultural subside and crop insurance compliance inspection
  9. Agricultural product tracking and food security
  10. Crop, forest, and grass land inventory and land-cover/land-use change
  11. Wildfire and burnt area mapping
  12. Remote sensing monitoring and modeling on agricultural greenhouse gases
  13. Weather information representation, analysis and application for agriculture
  14. Data assimilation, validation, and ground truths
  15. Agricultural environment and public health
  16. Invasive species monitoring, tracking and assessment
  17. Seed/crop/plant disease detection, monitoring and assessment
  18. Crop residual, Tillage practice monitoring and assessment
  19. Chemical and pesticides monitoring and tracking
  20. Precision agriculture
  21. Soil run-off and water pollution
  22. GIS in government agricultural policy making and decision support
  23. Geoinformation and GIS for agricultural emergency response
  24. Integration of RS, GIS and GPS (3S)
  25. New trends of technologies and research in GIS community
  26. Geospatial sensor web and its application in agriculture and resource management
  27. Cloud computing in geospatial applications
  28. Geospatial web services and portal
  29. Virtual globes and their application to agricultural production and scientific research
  30. Wireless and mobile GIS for agricultural field work
  31. Interoperability and standards in agricultural information systems
  32. Automated object extraction and database updates from imagery
  33. Processing and application of high-resolution imagery
  34. Agricultural decision support systems
  35. Representation and visualization of geospatial data
  36. Spatial data uncertainty analysis
  37. Acquisition, processing, and information extraction of remotely sensed data
  38. Global climate and environment change and its impacts on agriculture and food security
  39. Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS)
  40. Agro-geoinformatics education and outreach
  41. Agro-geospatial data policy
  42. Agricultural big data processing and storage

Original Research Articles should describe important new results or methods that will advance the science or application of informatics in agriculture.

Review Articles should provide a thorough review of the important subject in agriculture and informatics by providing insights and perspectives on the trends with a synthesis of previous work.