Terms of Service

ISAM Membership and Payment Guidelines

1. Member Benefits

As of part of membership with the “International Society of Agromatics” (the Society), the Member will receive the following benefits:

  • Qualify for reduced registration fees for conferences organized by the Society.
  • Eligible to hold offices, to vote on the Association matters.
  • Receive Society journal and newsletter.
  • Other member benefits and discounts.

2. Membership Dues

Members contain individual members and student members.

  1. An individual member shall be a person who is presently engaged or has been engaged in Agromatics related work, is willing to recognize and follow the bylaws, and has paid the annual membership due of $50 USD.
  2. A student member shall be a person who is registered as a full-time student at any educational institutions, colleges, and universities at the time of membership applications, and has paid the annual student membership due of $20 USD.

3. Restrictions

The Member agrees that they will not:

  • Share their login information with non-members
  • Reproduce any of the information received as part of their membership and share it with non-members
  • Post inappropriate, inaccurate or offensive content to membership forums and discussions

4. Liability

The Member will not hold the Organization liable for any tangible or intangible damage that might happen to them while participating in the membership.

The Member agrees that the Organization cannot guarantee any results from their membership. Any negative or positive results that might occur during the membership are the result of the Member’s own personal choices. 

5. Privacy

The Organization will not share any contact or personal information about the Member with other members, non-members or any third parties. 

6. Membership Termination

The Organization has a right to terminate the Member’s membership if any of the terms and the conditions of this Agreement are violated. The Member can terminate their membership at any point and for any reason and will not be charged for their next billing cycle.